WhatsApp without a SIM card: use landline number

To use the app WhatsApp Messenger, you need not necessarily a mobile number. Even without a SIM card, the Messenger app activate with a little trick about a landline number. After installing WhatsApp requires a phone number, whose authenticity is then checked by a SMS is sent with an activation code into the appropriate number. However, you also have the option to get the code needed by phone. For that you have to resort to a little trick.

Use WhatsApp without a SIM card

Instead of a mobile number you can simply enter a landline number.  Please note that this is not needed if you use the whatsapp pour pc app (available to download here). You need both the international dialing code for Germany (+49) as well as your area code. This is followed by your regular landline phone number. WhatsApp is trying to send an SMS to the number specified. After waiting five minutes, you can choose the option to get the code sent to phone. You will be called by an automated system on your landline number and get your six-digit registration code that you can enter in the appropriate field then. If you have any problems during this process, install the app and run the process again completely. This allows WhatsApp – at least in Wi-Fi – use complete without a SIM card. As with the registry via a mobile phone number but again, that a WhatsApp account can only be used on a phone at the same time. Who changes the device must perform the authentication process again. You will find lots of useful information about the safety, the payment process and Co. in our large WhatsApp index .

BBM should arrive “in the coming days” on PC

bbm for pcBlackBerry has published a long public letter today to be broadcast in many newspapers in the days to come. About the letter in general, Frank Boulben, marketing head of BlackBerry, spoke with Reuters . He gave interesting information that should appeal to some users. He said the launch of BBM for PC and Android could take place in the coming days on these two platforms. 6 million users are already pre-registered on the website of BBM highlighting a certain expectation. Boulben added that the problems which delayed the initial launch planned for the end of summer, have been fixed.

In theory, this week should mark the arrival of BBM from the App Store or next week. As a reminder, the application was published for a few hours on the New Zealand App Store. However, the application was quickly withdrawn after the Android version. A copy of an almost finished version was leaked in the hours before launch. This version in question had a problem with bandwidth servers that BlackBerry were quickly out of service. An investigation was held to determine the cause and fix it in stride.

The 10 social networking sites need to know

SOCIAL NETWORKS – As the number of social networking sites is increasing everyday, what networks the place to be, and those to be abandoned?


The principle: With over 350 million users, Facebook is the leading social network in the world. Each user can create his limited profile to a network of friends he accepted. This network allows you to share her status, photos, links and videos. Facebook is also used by businesses, artists for their promotion through the pages accessible to all fans.
Why must it be: The community is very important, so it is very easy to find members of his entourage. It is also a very effective way to communicate.

The principle: Twitter is a microblogging tool that allows you to send messages of 140 characters (or “tweets”) to each account following ranks: the “followers” or subscribers. In April 2010, 105 million users were registered and 300,000 new users sign up every day . France has 1.8 million users in February 2010 (Nielsen). If the network has become very popular in the United States, where it is used to review games Soccer American and the actions of the stars, the community twitter French is still limited mainly to politicians and the media.
Why must there be: For the latest on-line. Very fast, twitter allows you to publish quickly. During the crash of an American plane on the Hudson River, the first photos were published on twitter before being taken up by the media worldwide.

The principle: Founded in 2004, Flickr is a social photo. Photographers, professionals and amateurs can upload their pictures. Free accounts can only load a limited number of pictures. FlickR is doubled by Facebook which had 15 billion photos uploaded to the site in October 2009.
Why must there be: Flickr can be used as portfolio for photographers. It’s also an incredible photo database through free stock photography ( creative commons )


The principle: The network of the Socialist Party of “all the women and all who want to discuss and act on the left!” according to the website.
For whom this is interesting: The Coopol is a forum where activists and supporters can come together. Socialists will agree to support the debate. And beyond a site for sharing ideas, with events, debates, but also sharing links, videos, articles or sounds. “It’s a bit of a Facebook of the left”, says Benedict Thieulin, creator of Coopol and secretary of the digital section of the PS. Launched on January 12, Coopol now has 25,000 users, according to Emile Josselin, web content manager of the PS.

Designers can
The idea: A social network for supporters and UMP activists launched on January 7 , 2010.
For whom this is interesting: On Creators possible, no “friends”, like on Facebook, but “contacts”. No Chaturbate Tokens. It connects to discuss “initiatives” or come to “events”. An initiative is an idea, a proposal to which we adhere. Since its opening, “approximately 10,000 members have joined the social network of the UMP and more than 1,700 national and local initiatives have been created” according to the website.

The principle: The professional social network allows you to publish and share your resume with your friends and colleagues.
Why must it be: The community is important and it helps to have a CV online without having to create a website or blog. In October 2009, the site boasts more than 50 million members from 170 sectors in over 200 countries .

The principle: Viadeo is a professional social network that allows you to publish his CV.
Why must there be: Persons wishing to develop their network of professional contacts. In October 2009, the site boasts 25 million members and 100,000 hits per day .

The old school

The principle: Myspace was one of the first and largest social network. The bands still use it a lot for their music and have a presence on the web.
Why is exceeded: Myspace has lost its role as a social network, and users much less discuss its infancy. Last June, Myspace closed its offices in France and dismissed 300 of its employees worldwide . More and more former users prefer twitter and Facebook, much easier to use.

The principle: Friendfeed is a social network that aggregates the various social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, Dailymotion, etc.). The flow is generated automatically, users do not have to return to power as they can do on Facebook or twitter .
Why is exceeded: Taken by Facebook in August 2009 , most users have reported on twitter .

Real Racing 3 tips and advice for paying nothing

0We saw it this morning, Real Racing 3 is out, it’s GAME racing on Android.

By cons behind its free model, hide in app purchases that allow you to play faster and move on so quickly. Including repairs to cars after each race.

To not spend a dime, here are some tips for a good start.

Buy first Nissan Silvia, instead of the Ford Focus. Choose between two cars at the start that fall within your budget. The Ford Focus has a price / quality ratio less
Buy the fastest possible second car: the larger repairs take time (up real 1:30) if you do not pay. To play, you need a car repaired. So, it is best to alternate between two cars to let the other to rebuild their health.

Buy a second and even a third as fast as possible.
Buy discounted: the game features occasionally cars with a promotion.
Before sleeping: the longest run operations such as repairs or purchase of new car. Sleep on it he was saying!
Avoid contact on the track: the motors get damaged at every race, you can not do anything about it, but you can limit the damage by against the bodywork.
Do not repair systematically: superficial damage will not affect the performance, let them.
This will save as much virtual money and you just have to win races to get more and progress in the game without spending real money.

Download a Real Racing 3 Hack: By downloading this hack, you can easily beat anyone via some useful cheats. You can download the hack here: http://realracing3hub.com/real-racing-3-cheats/real-racing-3-hack-for-android-ios/

FaceTime audio calls with iOS 7

258659-facetime-ios-callingAt the keynote for the annual Apple developer conference WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) was presented touch on June 10, the new version of our own mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod iOS While the great innovations dedicated 7th sufficient time and attention, many various minor improvements – but can make a big difference for many – a little under the table. One of these little things is FaceTime audio available on Facetime PC.

What’s FaceTime audio?

With the iPhone 4 in 2010 also FaceTime was released, a way to free, data-based video telephony from your iOS device to iOS device or Mac via Voice Over IP (VoIP). This year, Apple went one step further and allows FaceTime audio VoIP telephony without image transmission. Only calls between iOS devices be possible – however, in the future – as already used to. A VoIP call to a Samsung smartphone is not possible with this service.
Initial reports said it is quite realistic that FaceTime audio have the same impact on phone calls has iMessages as SMS. In addition, Apple does with this offer also long-established VoIP providers such as Skype competition Skype which is of course not limited to iOS devices. While it remains to be seen how FaceTime audio is recorded from the users. But it can be predicted with a high probability that it will not only be a niche product like FaceTime itself

How it works?

FaceTime audio works – like the “normal” FaceTime – a Wi-Fi connection and also via the mobile data network.
To initiate a FaceTime call audio, you open the FaceTime app on your iPhone, select the bottom right “contacts” and search in your contacts list someone who has an iPhone and FaceTime calls can be received. Typing in the name. Then you see the Contact entry of the respective person. Seek out a line called “FaceTime”. In this line you see on the right the camera icon for the conventional FaceTime call with video transmission, and next to the receiver icon for FaceTime audio call. Typing on the phone and it makes a VoIP call!

Of course, FaceTime audio calls can also be at any point in iOS 7 active, where normal FaceTime calls can be made. For example, in the news app.

In the news app you choose a conversation with the person above already selected (or someone else from your contacts who has an iPhone) and then taps right on top of “Contact”. Here you have now – again by means of a tap on the receiver icon – the ability to start a FaceTime call audio.



WhatsApp for Android: Download, use, functions

unnamedWhatsApp is one of the most popular and successful applications for Android smartphones. The Messenger is used to send messages, photos and other files – and is, so to speak, an extended SMS replacement. We call functions that download link and hidden costs.

Update for WhatsApp (Android App)

For those who know WhatsApp already, I would first like to point out a few innovations that brought the last update in May or known of pre-release versions:
A telephone function allows you to call other users. The profile view of WhatsApp is also thanks to a slightly revised designs 2014 tidier . Further improvements simplify the deletion of media (eg images) and allow the elimination of group chats for 100 years …

Now to the idea of the app:

Functions of WhatsApp Messenger for Android

The WhatsApp Messenger is a messaging software: We can users send messages, photos and other files. This runs across platforms, because the Messenger is available for other mobile operating systems (see eg WhatsApp for iPhone ).There is also a version of
Whatsapp For PC – Free Windows Download

The data are sent and received via the Internet. A WiFi or cellular connection is therefore a prerequisite for its use.
The communication between the contacts is shown chronologically in small bubbles. If the application is not open, learns of smartphone owners via the push notification of his device of newly arrived messages. If there is no Internet connection, as the provider stores the data and delivers it to a later date.

WhatsApp for Android smart phone accesses the address book and displays the contacts who use the service. At registration therefore the name of the mobile phone number is required. That some people find objectionable, on the other hand it makes a tedious manual link unnecessary.
WhatsApp on Android devices:

WhatsApp is thus similar to SMS and IM services. Despite – or because of – this competition WhatsApp is very popular.

SMS and MMS are indeed compatible with almost all mobile phones. Especially with the sending of images but it is expensive quickly.
In some chat apps, the application must be open in order to receive messages.
Other services, for example iMessage , are not nearly as common. Consequently, less reached his friends.
Alternatives to WhatsApp include

  • Threema from Switzerland,
  • the free Telegram Messenger or
  • Facebook Messenger for Android .

The latter Messenger is no real competition more: On February 20, 2014 WhatsApp was from Facebook for 19 billion U.S. dollars bought. We discuss what the acquisition means by Facebook to users of WhatsApp .


Also its potential to get Kik Messenger for PC at the same time. All this you will know while using Kik messenger for PC. Therefore let’s move on our guide to download Kik Messenger for PC. Download Kik Messenger for PC. Formally the app is not accessible for Windows PC but you can download Kik Messenger for PC using the guide here.
You can download Kik Messenger for PC by following this guide here and then you can start using it on your Windows (7/8/XP) PC. That is how it can save you money using kik messenger for pc. But we’ve a workaround through which it is possible to use I on PC. Here is my guide on the best way to get Kik Messenger for PC free download (Windows computer).
Once you’ve downloaded it, employ the beneath measures to get Messenger on PC.Kik Messenger For PC Download free for Computer. The app wasn’t made for PC and there is no official Kik messenger for PC but thanks to technology there came away outside in which it is possible to use any android app on PC and different windows. Kik Messenger can be installed on Windows PC and after that you’re able to remain connected with all your friends from PC online at no cost.
The program called Bluestacks (Android App Player for PC or Mac) Kik Messenger for PC Tutorial. As of November 2013, Kik messenger is accessible for PC. Kik Messenger for PC contains all the same attributes that are accessible on the telephone.


The Iphone is staggeringly popular, although it hasn’t actually come as much of a surprise – you just have to consider the Ipod as proof of Apple’s dominance with such gadgets. If you’re fortunate enough to be one of the early Iphone owners, check out these resources to help you get some free Iphone games.
1-It’s among the most noticeable means to locate anything these days, but a simple google search can give superb results if you are looking for spots to get your downloads. The drawback of this really is that after a little while you start to realise that several sites have a couple of things in common. The trouble is the websites that make themselves the most reachable in this way are the ones which are simply looking to earn money with their advertising. They get paid that you click on their advertisements, so it is in their interest to drag as many visitors as possible into their website, and because of this you will find that many of them offer no real downloads in any way.
2-There is a little variation on the websites above, in that they will offer a couple of Iphone downloads, whether they be games or pictures or wallpapers or whatever, but they’re going to be very old and dated, and in many cases once you complete the download you will locate it does not work anyhow. The point of this is, you imagined it, only to bring visitors who may then click on the marketing and make some cash. Not exactly a noble business model, but I guess it works as there appear to be enough websites like this around!
3-The most obvious place for you to look when downloading just about anything these days is the torrent sites, peer to peer websites, or file sharing sites, or whatever they are called this week. I am convinced you know the ones-enormous download collections, fully illegal to use, and yet it appears like everyone knows about his someone who has gone download mad and downloaded enormous numbers of things from there. Avoid these websites like the annoyance. It’s prohibited to use them in most places, and also there are typically a reasonable amount of viruses etc to be located within their databases. Not cool!
4-Your best bet for free Iphone game downloads, and just about anything else for the Iphone is the newer sort of download website. A few of these popped up a little while back for the Ipod, and it appears like they’re following the trend with the Iphone. Fundamentally, they work by billing and admin fee up front, and once you pay that you then have access to their whole download database. Not only Iphone games either, you will find movies, games, tv shows, music videos and a variety of things. Consider it like a variation of Itunes where you pay one flat fee. Using sites such as this typically works out much more economical than something like Itunes in the long run.
Getting free Iphone games and other downloads can look like a quite much brought thought, that is until you find the correct spots. Hopefully this post has helped you understand where to look. Happy downloading!


Life is simpler if you own an apple iphone five gadget. Owners of iphone 5, 5c and 5s look for the protected way to unlock their device. Customers believe that the protected unlock for apple iphone five is extremely pricey. It isn’t generally accurate. Owners can find a certainly protected technique to unlock their iphone at low cost. Numerous knowledge the difficulty to get their iphone 5 unlocked. It can be usual for iphone 5 owners to look for strategies of unlocking the product. The approach need to let owners to make use of a diverse SIM card on their iphone.

The key purpose for unleashing your apple iphone is always to transform the provider. Right after a simple search online that you are presented more than one unleashing techniques. Make certain the approach you select is protected. Many unlock providers will by no means refund your cash. The safe techniques of apple iphone 5 unlocks are uncomplicated and affordable. The well-known Software Unlock for iphone five, 5s and 5c is known as a real fraud. The computer software unlock will not work as well as your funds are gone forever. Make positive to avoid the software unlock. There’s no current software program which can unlock iphone 5. One more unsuccessful unlock may be the devices one which alterations the hardware on iphone 5. The procedure is long, problematic and requirements some specific abilities. Hence, be wary of those that present to devices unlock your iphone. In most circumstances, it’s going to only harm your apple iphone five, 5s or 5c. The right iphone unlock is provided by Network Unlock, that is definitely pretty basic and rapid.

The ideal technique to unlock your iphone is always to use the Network Unlock. The very first step is always to access Apple’s global database. The 2nd step is usually to transfer your apple iphone quantity and with that to let you use any network. Buyers will receive a confirmations e mail that states that the iphone five is ready to use. This technique leaves your warranty unchanged. You’ll need to connect to iTunes and wait for the massage that confirms the achievement of the unlock method. Make confident to decide on the cheapest and fastest unlock service.

Their client service is extremely very good and your apple iphone 5 is unlocked in less than 24 hours. It’s crucial to make the perfect selection. It is preferable to verify the reputation of the enterprise you intend to work with. Hence, the provided support is going to be protected and permanent. Also towards the iphone unlock, customers get full customer service. Owners delight in several added benefits following unlocking their apple iphone 5. Your roaming fees will basically disappear. In case your iphone five is unlock prior to you go abroad you will save loads of income. When your apple iphone 5 is unlocked you are able to open it to other networks. All you may need is really a compatible SIM card. In case that your iphone is not unlocked you are likely to be charged for every application you use. There are going to be fee for each single information use in your iphone. What they cost to unlock your apple iphone is a great deal less than the future roaming bills. Individuals save cash as a result of apple iphone unlock. The advantages are a number of, while the threat is just about zero.


The Art Institute Online has a complete program that can get people into the video game designer business quickly and successfully. Their Game Art and Design Bachelor degree program helps pupils focus on all facets of game titles, including creating detailed graphics, scene and set design, animation, background, and characters. An effective graduate of the Art Institute Online’s Video Game Design program will be qualified to enter into the gaming industry as a sought after video game designer. Video Game DesignerVideo game tester, background artist, conceptual designer; these are just some of the fields a graduate of the software will be competent to enter.
If you’re interested in registering in The Art Institute’s Online Video Game Design program, subsequently this probably means that you love video games. Although it may appear like a moot point, it is a crucial one. The gaming industry is a fast-paced and intensive one, and in order to triumph in the company, video games should be among your life’s loves. Believe it or not, potential employers are going to be looking for this as nicely as training and ability. Employers try to find experience in playing an array of video games also as having the capacity to design them. You need to be able to understand what is now popular and what is becoming yesterday’s news; what is a nicely designed and made video game and what is low-quality. A good video game designer needs to have their finger on the pulse of the video game playing public.
The Art Institute’s Online Gaming Design program is continuously upgraded to comprise any new technology that has lately developed. This, coupled with your love for video games, makes a strong combination when you are applying for spots in the video game industry. The The Art Institute will give pupils a strong foundation for beginning a great, strong career, and for consistently improving as a successful video game designer.
With a Video Game Design software that’s offered completely online, pupils can work any day of the week at the time that is convenient for them by finishing assignments and participating in online discussions. Courses are six weeks long, and very study-intensive. No more than two classes should be taken at the exact same time. Teachers at The Art Institute Online are available for consultation through electronic mail or during the course of the online discussions. Pupils taking on-line lessons through The Art Institute Online will receive the finest training, along with a consistently strong support network.
There is every reason on earth to turn your love for video games into a profitable profession as a video game designer. Why just play game titles in your spare time when you’re able to be designing the type of games that you wish were available to you right now? The Art Institute Online can help you accomplish your aim to become a video game designer, and help ensure you will often be involved in a business that you love and that is fiscally rewarding.